Having worked for Crescent Point since the beginning, I have seen this company grow unbelievably from the first acquisition. Crescent Point is by far the best company that I have ever worked for. The executives and directors are the most intelligent in the industry. They really value Crescent Point's integrity and care about the way the people are treated. It is no wonder why Crescent Point was awarded "Alberta's Best Overall Workplace for 2012." I am very proud to say that I work at Crescent Point.

Debbie Bolder

Senior Production Accountant


Every day at Crescent Point has been a new and exciting learning experience. Having the opportunity to work with such a knowledgeable, supportive and hard-working group of people has really helped me to expand my knowledge of the oil and gas industry and to create opportunities in my career that I would have never thought possible. I look forward to seeing Crescent Point continue its success and growth as a company.

Lauren Tse

Engineering Technologist


Crescent Point is a great place to learn and to grow your career. You work hard, but are rewarded for your efforts. There is always something new to learn and with Crescent Point being such an aggressive company, there is always a new challenge ahead. We have a great group of people to work with, which makes coming to work fun!

Barb Doiron

Team Lead, Contracts

Crescent Point Energy is just that: "energy." Not just from what the company provides as a whole but the energy that comes from its employees. To see the drive that is shown from all who work here is incredible. Employees do the best they can each and every day, resulting in pride and a privileged feeling to be part of something so much larger. Just one of the pleasures working for this company.

Evan Davies

Intermediate Corporate Facilities Administrator

Crescent Point is a great place because of the ever-changing atmosphere and fantastic people to work with. This is the one large company where you are a name and not a number. Everyone's ideas are taken into account.

Craig Erick

Rail/Shipping Foreman

I love working at Crescent Point because everyone I work with has great attitudes and they value my opinion. I have never worked for a company where all of the employees have such great ownership and pride in the work they do.

Chad Knoll

Production Foreman

Crescent Point is a very dynamic and exciting company made up of great management and great people! The company never sits still for long and that makes coming to work real easy. A day's challenge is tomorrow's milestone and being able to say that you are part of it is a reward in itself. Crescent Point looks after its employees – it's a fun place to work with great compensation and benefits. I'm glad to be part of it all!

Jodi Third

Senior Office Supervisor

Crescent Point is a fast- paced, energetic company to work for. The excitement of the company's success carries over to its people and everyone is viewed as a contributor to that success. In spite of the tremendous corporate growth, every employee's personal strengths and individuality are recognized and employees are encouraged to bring their ideas forward. Combine all that with the excellent compensation packages for employees and it makes Crescent Point a great place to work.

Owen Skjonsby

Senior Production Foreman

Crescent Point is a dynamic company with amazing people. The culture allows you to work hard and play hard, too.

Gautam Shinde

Exploitation Engineer