Crescent Point employees are passionate about supporting their communities through volunteer work. Each year, we volunteer at several organizations including Inn from the Cold, Providence, the Calgary Drop-In Centre and many others. In 2015, we launched an internal volunteer program benefitting Brown Bagging for Calgary’s Kids. Once a month, employees are able to volunteer in our head office kitchen putting together lunches for kids at Discovery Choices school. This initiative has been ideal for teams who find it hard to make the time to volunteer off-site, but still want to contribute to our corporate volunteerism. 

“As the community coordinator for Brown Bagging, I would like to thank Crescent Point for their impactful collaboration and example of community engagement. It is because of committed individuals like yourselves and companies like Crescent Point that we at BB4CK are able to ensure there are no hungry kids in Calgary. The support you have given to the students at Discovering Choices is both practical in a basic life need way, but also goes beyond that in providing them with the knowledge that someone cares about them and wants to see them thrive. Your impact goes beyond the students you feed to the staff that teach them every day and other businesses who see your example and are inspired to take action. Thank you!” - Jill Birch, Community Coordinator

In 2015, we contributed over 2,000 man hours to our communities.  We look forward to exceeding that number in the years to come.


Employee Donation Program

We encourage our employees to contribute to organizations that are important to them as individuals. Each year, employees are given $250 to donate to an organization of their choice. If they volunteer or participate with the organization, they can request up to $500.