At Crescent Point, we strive to maintain a high degree of environmental protection for the land on which we operate and we are continuously driven to implement better land use practices. All aspects of our operations involve the use of surface land. Regardless of the land use and landowner, we work with the stakeholders in our operating areas to minimize surface disturbance through effective planning and responsible development.

End-of-Life Asset Management

Crescent Point is committed to the management of its end-of-life liabilities. As a result, we invest money on an annual basis toward a dedicated fund that addresses the downhole abandonment of wells, decommissioning of facilities and associated infrastructure and reclamation of sites that are no longer productive or will not be utilized. Since inception, over $110 million has been spent from the fund, of which a majority has been for abandonment and reclamation costs. 

Abandonment and Reclamation Program

We manage our inactive wells with a proactive approach that mitigates risks, maintains compliance with regulatory requirements and optimizes economics.

The well abandonment process begins with an evaluation of the well bore to help mitigate potential risks to the public and the environment, as well as issues that may affect downhole abandonment. Downhole abandonment often includes casing removal and zonal abandonment, which isolates the porous formations around the well bore and protects potential groundwater zones. After downhole abandonment is complete, the well head is capped and our comprehensive surface reclamation process is initiated.  Since 2014, Crescent Point has downhole abandoned and capped 562 wells and received 209 reclamation certificates in Alberta, Saskatchewan and Manitoba. Currently, we have over 650 locations within our reclamation program being actively worked on, with the goal of achieving regulatory closure. 

Spill Prevention and Response

Through a consistent, dedicated approach, Crescent Point has been working diligently to prevent spills and improve our spill response performance. In 2016, Crescent Point conducted a detailed review of our emergency response planning in regards to 17 pipeline water crossings through western Canada. The purpose of this exercise was to evaluate operating practices, monitoring and control points, asset integrity programs, emergency response and contingency plans. Crescent Point will take action on the findings to mitigate or eliminate risk.  

We place a high priority on spill prevention across our operations with a continued focus on training, our asset integrity program, and the use of technology. Reducing or eliminating any potential impact to the environment and protecting ecosystems in and around our project areas is a key priority. 

Field Operator Training:

  • Field operators are required to complete annual leak detection and maintenance training as well as review spill response procedures and regulatory reporting requirements during monthly safety meetings.
  • Through participation in spill co-op training exercises, our operators further increase their knowledge in spill containment and clean-up techniques.
  • Crescent Point also conducts numerous emergency response plan drills throughout the year, many of which include mock spill scenarios, to ensure our incident response process will effectively manage actual incidents.

Asset Integrity Team:

Pipeline Integrity Program:

  • Ongoing risk assessment review of all pipeline systems (>16,000 km) to identify areas for maintenance and repair.
  • Ran internal inspection tools in 28 km of pipeline in 2016.
  • Annual completion of depth of cover surveys for all of our pipeline water crossing.
  • Ongoing consultation and evaluation of our Pipeline Operating Maintenance Manual.

Pressure Vessel Integrity Program:

  • Average of 1900 vessel inspections per year.
  • 1500 tank inspections per year.   


  • Crescent Point employs technologies such as automated gauges, level/pressure alarms, and emergency shutdown controls which are intended to provide an alert or shut down equipment in the events of an operational issue. This reduces the chance of a spill and minimizes the potential environmental impact should an incident take place. 

In 2014, Crescent Point had 198 reportable spills, and in 2015 we reduced this number by 22%.

Crescent Point’s spill volume has remained flat despite growing our production by more than 15% since 2014. We prioritize spill prevention across our operations with a continued focus on training, our asset integrity program, and the use of technology. Reducing any potential impact to the environment and protecting ecosystems in and around our project areas is our top priority. 

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