Fresh water is a shared critical resource and it is also an integral aspect of our business. As a result, Crescent Point strives to ensure the water resources that we utilize throughout our operating areas are mitigated and managed responsibly. Crescent Point works closely with regulatory bodies in all of our operating areas to evaluate and permit our fresh water usage from sources including municipal waste water resources, regional water districts, river authorities, ponds, lakes and groundwater wells. This includes working with provincial and state watershed authorities to better understand the hydrogeology of the areas in which we operate. We also work with our service providers to ensure chemical volumes are reduced to the smallest amounts possible and that viable, environmentally friendly alternatives are utilized.

The following graph outlines our water use intensity across our Canadian and U.S. completions operations from 2014 to 2016:

Water Intensity (bblH20/boe)

As a result of several water management initiatives, Crescent Point’s fresh water intensity for completions remained flat in 2015 and 2016 despite an increase in production. 

Belly River Formation

In 2015, Crescent Point set a corporate goal to eliminate its fresh water usage in the Shaunavon area by utilizing saline water from the Belly River formation instead. This non-potable water source serves as an alternative to the Frenchman aquifer, where the town of Shaunavon sources its potable water used in households and for agriculture. The Belly River formation produces warm water which drastically decreases the energy needed to heat the water for our operations, reducing the environmental impact as well as costs. 

Fresh Water164084142089768262311
Non-potable (Belly River)01435661712113668

While trace amounts of fresh water were needed for our operations in the Shaunavon area in 2016, we drastically reduced the volume required and are on track to completely eliminate fresh water usage in the area in early 2017.

Water Reduction Initiatives

Crescent Point takes several steps to responsibly and efficiently manage the use of water resources. Here are some examples of how we have reduced water usage in our operations:

  • Utilizing produced water and recycled industrial waste water from a waste facility in the Viewfield area
  • Using backwash water from the Kindersley water treatment plant and produced Belly River water in our Kindersley area operations
  • Sourcing new water that does not compete with local potable water supplies (i.e. utilizing non-potable recycled municipal water in completions operations in the Viking area)
  • Blending of deep saline water with fresh water to reduce the amount of fresh water utilized for completions operations
  • Logging temperature to ensure that water injection into targeted zones is occurring properly and efficiently

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