Peter Bannister <sup>3,4</sup>_1_0

Peter Bannister 3,4

Chairman of the Board

Peter Bannister is Chairman of Crescent Point's board of directors and is president of Destiny Energy Inc., a private oil and gas company. He has been on the board of…
Rene Amirault <sup>4</sup>_26_1

Rene Amirault 4

Mr. Amirault was appointed as the President and Chief Executive Officer of Secure Energy Services in March 2007 and was elected a director and appointed as Chairman of the Board…
Laura A. Cillis <sup>1,2</sup>_27_2

Laura A. Cillis 1,2

Laura Cillis is an oil and gas executive with more than 25 years of financial experience in the oilfield services industry. Ms. Cillis joined the board of Crescent Point in…
D. Hugh Gillard <sup>5</sup>_4_3

D. Hugh Gillard 5

D. Hugh Gillard is the principal of Saddleback Resources Ltd., a private company involved in equity investments and advisory roles in the energy sector. He has worked in the oil…
Ted Goldthorpe<sup>1,5</sup>_144_0

Ted Goldthorpe1,5

Ted Goldthorpe is a financial professional who is Managing Partner in charge of Global Credit Business for BC Partners. Most recently he was the President of Apollo Investment Corporation. Previously,…
Robert F. Heinemann <sup>2,3,4</sup>_20_4

Robert F. Heinemann 2,3,4

Robert Heinemann is an oil and gas executive who brings more than 30 years of experience to the Crescent Point Board. Most recently, he served as President, Chief Executive Officer…
Mike Jackson<sup>1,2</sup>_142_0

Mike Jackson1,2

Mike Jackson has worked in the banking industry since 1984 and brings more than 30 years of financial experience in corporate and investment banking. Mr. Jackson joined the board of…
Barbara Munroe <sup>2,5</sup>_141_6

Barbara Munroe 2,5

Ms. Barbara Munroe has worked as a lawyer since 1991 and brings 25 years of legal experience and industry diversification to the Crescent Point Board.  Currently, Ms. Munroe serves as…
Gerald A. Romanzin <sup>1,3</sup>_5_5

Gerald A. Romanzin 1,3

Gerald Romanzin is an independent Calgary businessman who serves as a director of Petrowest Corporation, Athabasca Minerals Inc. and of Trimac Transportation Ltd. Previously, he held a variety of senior…
Scott Saxberg <sup>4</sup>_6_0

Scott Saxberg 4

President, Chief Executive Officer and Director

Scott Saxberg is the President, Chief Executive Officer and a director of Crescent Point. He was a founder of Crescent Point Energy Ltd. in 2001 and has been president of…

Board Committees

1 Member of Audit Committee
2 Member of Compensation Committee
3 Member of Reserves Committee
4 Member of Environmental, Health and Safety Committee
5 Member of Corporate Governance and Nominating Committee