Our Strategy

Since Day 1, Crescent Point has successfully implemented a three-part business strategy to drive shareholder growth in reserves, production and cash flow.


Crescent Point uses its excellent balance sheet and growth capital to acquire focused, long-life, high-quality reserves and production in United States and Canada. We focus on accretive large oil- or gas-in-place acquisitions with stable production profiles and significant development upside.

Manage Risk

Crescent Point strives to manage the risks associated with the oil and gas industry and to provide long-term stability to its dividends. To accomplish this, we maintain a strong balance sheet with significant unutilized lines of credit. Crescent Point actively hedges commodity prices, using a rolling 3-½ year price risk management program. We hedge up to 65 percent of after-Crown royalty volumes, using a portfolio of swaps, collars and put option instruments.

Trent Stangl, our Sr. Vice President of Investor Relations and Communications, on how our hedging program works and why it’s so important.

Develop and Enhance

Crescent Point uses its large, low-risk drilling inventory to maintain production, reserves and dividends. We currently have over 8,000 locations of low-risk development inventory. Crescent Point’s project portfolio has become an industry leader among companies of our size.