In 2012, we continued to build upon our strong asset base by consolidating and exploiting key resource plays, such as the Bakken and the Shaunavon in Saskatchewan. We believe that the long-term upside of these plays remains substantial.

We also continued to develop and expand our emerging resource plays in Alberta, particularly the Beaverhill Lake light oil resource play and the Viking play in the Provost area, as well as the North Dakota Bakken/Three Forks play along the U.S./Canada border.



We announced our biggest asset news of 2012 in the fourth quarter, when we acquired Ute Energy in Utah. This acquisition established the Uinta Basin as a new core area for Crescent Point.

Our 270 net sections of land are in the centre of the Uinta Basin resource play. With 245 undeveloped net sections and more than 1,000 net internally identified low-risk drilling locations, we see great potential in Crescent Point’s new core area.

We are excited about the high-quality assets we’ve acquired in northeast Utah and believe this play will de-risk our portfolio, providing us with strong production growth opportunities in the years to come. In 2013, we will focus on integrating these assets and on developing the light oil play at a steady pace.


SE Saskatchewan Bakken

We've been developing the southeast Saskatchewan Bakken for more than six years, but we believe this play is still in the early stages of its development. With a significant amount of wells in our drilling inventory and a growing waterflood program, this play should continue to drive results for years to come.



The Shaunavon play in southwest Saskatchewan is a significant growth-driver for Crescent Point. With a large drilling inventory in the Lower and Upper Shaunavon combined and an expanding waterflood program, we see steady long-term growth ahead.


Other Areas Overview

In 2012, we continued to develop our portfolio of emerging plays, including the Beaverhill Lake light oil resource play and the Viking light oil resource play in Alberta. We also conducted high-impact exploration in southern Alberta, where we have access to a large land base, we developed our conventional assets across western Canada and we continued to develop the North Dakota Bakken/Three Forks play.

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