Manage Risk

Crescent Point strives to manage the risks associated with the oil and gas industry and to provide long-term stability to its dividends. To accomplish this, we maintain a strong balance sheet with significant unutilized lines of credit. Crescent Point actively hedges commodity prices, using a rolling 3-½ year price risk management program. We hedge up to 65 percent of after-Crown royalty volumes, using a portfolio of swaps, collars and put option instruments.

LegendQ3 18Q4 18Q1 19Q2 19Q3 19Q4 19Q4 20
3-Way Collars1600016000355003850049500130005000
Percent Hedged484843393594
legendQ3 18Q4 18Q1 19Q2 19Q3 19Q4 19Q1 20
Floor Hedge Price75.6575.6676.9079.1381.4684.2083.77

(1) As of August 31, 2018

(2) Floor hedge price is calculated using the forward strip for the 3-way collar hedges. Floor hedge price of 3-way collar hedges are subject to change based on forward market prices.