Our People

Our People

At Crescent Point, we believe in working hard and delivering results. Entrepreneurial spirit is encouraged and we pride ourselves on being fast-moving industry leaders. Driven to succeed, we believe in the strength of teamwork and innovative thinking.

These driving forces have turned Crescent Point from a junior oil and gas producer in 2001 to the Company we are today. It’s been an exciting ride but we are nowhere near the finish line. We see big opportunities ahead and know that our people are the key to success. 

We love to get to know each other better and do so through a number of social events. Our daily interactions and activities help us to solidify a feeling of community within our Company. We are dedicated to offering the best workplace possible.

At Crescent Point, our employees are part of a dynamic, challenging and rewarding work environment. They are exposed to all aspects of our business and have an open door policy to back it. Sense of team is clear at Crescent Point. Every position matters and every person contributes to our overall success. Visit our Careers page to view our job postings and hear more about what it's like to work at Crescent Point.

With an overall job satisfaction rate of 91 percent in 2015, we believe that Crescent Point’s strong workplace culture is responsible for our low employee turnover rates.

We were pleased to see an increase in all key points of our employee engagement survey results in 2015.

2015 Employee engagement survey results

I am inspired to give
my very best
2% increase from 2014


I feel driven to make a
difference in my workplace
1% increase from 2014

Innovation is valued
in my work
1% increase from 2014

CPG 4.30 7.90
INDUSTRY 5.90 14.20

Source: Mercer
Notes to Employee Turnover chart:

(1) Mercer data only includes Canadian companies. CPG data is Company-wide.


Notes to Employees vs. Consultants chart:

(1) Head Office includes both Calgary and Denver locations. Field includes all US and Canada field staff.

Workforce Diversity

Crescent Point recognizes the beneficial impact of diversity on decision-making and overall corporate performance and is committed to the development of our internal pipeline of diverse talent among our leadership team and on the Board of Directors.  Currently, women represent 22% of our board and nine percent of our executive team.  We are committed to ensuring a diverse and inclusive culture across our organization, including at the executive level, by promoting equal opportunities and supporting a workforce with diverse talents and backgrounds.  When hiring new employees, Crescent Point will consider candidates based on merit using objective criteria with due regard to the benefits of diversity balanced with the needs of the organization. 

View the “Board Diversity” section of our Governance page for additional information.  

FEMALE 301 63
MALE 209 432

Notes to Workforce Diversity chart:

(1) Head Office includes both Calgary and Denver locations. Field includes all US and Canada field staff.

In 2015, our total combined employee base was 64 percent male and 36 percent female. Women represented 11 percent of our board and 9 percent of our executive team. We look forward to additional female representation on our board and our executive team in 2016.