We are passionate about creating positive impacts on the communities in which we operate. As such, we take pride in operating our Crescent Point business in a way that minimizes environmental impacts, maximizes safety and ensures ethical business practices are always upheld. Our Corporate Social Responsibility policy outlines Crescent Point's vision, mission and values.

The Safety of our people and communities is the top priority for us. We strive to ensure that not only are our employees and contractors aware of our safety standards, but that all of our stakeholders know and understand our Health, Safety and Environmental policy and procedures.

In addition to adhering to environmental regulations, Crescent Point continues to implement new technology and standards to reduce our impacts on the Air, Land and Water involved in our operations.

At Crescent Point, we know that our People are our greatest asset. Our employees are challenged to dream big and to aspire to grow their careers. They are enabled to make decisions and are encouraged to be innovative and to always think outside the box. Our empowered culture promotes a healthy work life balance that resulted in a 92% employee satisfaction rate in 2014, according to our annual employee survey conducted by Sunesis Consulting.

Crescent Point continues to implement annual corporate goals and strategies to build and improve upon these focus areas.