What is Crescent Point's production?

Please see the most recent corporate presentation for our current production.

What is Crescent Point's production mix?

Crescent Point is an oil-weighted producer, focused primarily on light and medium crude. 

How often does Crescent Point pay dividends to its shareholders?

Crescent Point pays dividends to shareholders on a monthly basis, with payment made on the 15th of each month.

Do Crescent Point's dividends qualify for the Dividend Tax Credit in Canada?

Yes, assuming the CPG shares are held in taxable accounts.

Please refer to the tax information page for more information.

How are dividends determined?

Crescent Point's dividends to shareholders are paid monthly and are dependent upon commodity prices, production levels and the amount of capital expenditures to be funded from cash flow. The Corporation contributes part of its cash flow towards the capital program to provide for more sustainable dividends in the future. The actual amount of the dividends are at the discretion of the Board of Directors. In the event that commodity prices are higher than anticipated and a cash surplus develops, the surplus may be used to increase dividends, reduce debt, and/or increase the capital program.

What is Crescent Point's hedging policy?

Crescent Point implements a disciplined 3 ½-year hedging strategy. We lock in oil prices for a portion of our expected oil production to provide increased certainty over cash flow and dividends. Please see our hedging page to view our current hedges.

Who evaluates Crescent Point's reserves?

GLJ Petroleum Consultants Ltd. and Sproule Associates Ltd., based in Calgary, Alberta.