Supplier Management

Agreements: Master Supply/Service Agreement (MSA)

Crescent Point does business with a wide range of suppliers, contractors and service providers over a broad land base. These transactions are typically governed by specific agreements and contracts that are established only when required. Suppliers, contractors and service providers who provide goods or services to Crescent Point are required to enter into one of our standard form agreements. These agreements contain the terms and conditions that govern the relationship between Crescent Point and the supplier, contractor and service provider. These contracts include specific provisions for insurance and workers' compensation coverage that suppliers, contractors and service providers must obtain and provide proof of. Having a MSA in place does not guarantee any work with Crescent Point.

Supplier Management: Expression of Interest

We believe in working with innovative suppliers to help drive Crescent Point's success. Our suppliers also play a key role in helping us operate a safe and efficient business. Our focus on strategic sourcing, including the introduction of new suppliers, is designed to create long-term benefits for both Crescent Point and its suppliers. Crescent Point will, at its discretion, look to increase or broaden its supplier base as required. Expressing an interest to supply goods and services to Crescent Point does not place you on a pre-qualified list. Nor does it obligate Crescent Point to provide work or enter into a contractual relationship with any company completing this form.

Privacy Statement

The information provided below will be uploaded to an internal database, accessible by all Crescent Point employees. By providing the information required for this form, you are consenting to the collection, use and disclosure of the information for the purposes of survey reporting and result analysis. Crescent Point may retain this information, so long as is reasonable, to fulfil those purposes.

New Suppliers

Suppliers not already doing business with Crescent Point are asked to complete the following questionnaire so that we can better align the opportunities with the appropriate disciplines and personnel. Should Crescent Point identify a need for further information or pursue a business relationship with the supplier, a Supply Management Representative will contact you.

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Company Information

Mailing address of office completing this questionnaire.

Key Company Sales Contact

Which Provinces/States/Countries are you registered to do business in?

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Health Safety and Environment

Is your company a current subscriber to Complyworks, Crescent Point's outsourced partner for supplier prequalification? (refer to website for further information)

If you wish to send us further information about your company, please email us at Note that this is an automated mailbox. Your message, along with all attachments, will be accessible to Crescent Point employees. You will be contacted directly if additional information is required.

Supply Services

Site work: Civil, Mechanical, Electrical, Instrumentation & Controls, and Speacialty/other; Shop Fabrication.